Rebellion’s TOP TEN MOST INFLUENTIAL hip-hop dj’s/producers

18 11 2012

It’s about time! The following artists are probably the most talented, and when it comes to hip hop have had more of an effect for its development, than any single rapper or group ever could – and they do it all from behind the scenes. Half of these guys you’ve never heard of but you’ve def. heard some of their work or work by someone who was inspired by their beats.

This is, in my opinion, the most important list rebellion will make..

Some of these guys rap as well, but what separates their music from others is the quality of their beats/their production value – I’d recommend grabbin’ a few songs from each one and studying them religiously if you call yourself a hip-hop fan..

****drum roll*****

Top-ten Hip-Hop producers/dj’s of all time…

1 Pete Rock

2  Madlib/Quasimoto/Yesterday’s New Quintet

3 Cut-Chemist

4 Mr. Lif

5 Peanut Butter Wolf

6 Danger Mouse

7 Dan The Automator aka Automator

8 RJD2

9 Prince Paul

10 Dj Shadow

Honorable mentions:

9th Wonder


Dr. Dre

New Glitch Mob Album!

12 06 2010

Cookies anyone?

Bite it – Bad Boy Bill

Got 2 Know – Flux Pavillion

Violins (Original Mix) – Lake & Lys

Please Mr. Postman (Cragga Dubstep Remix) – The Marvelettes

and now.. drum roll please.. it’s time for your Swine Flu update of the day

and I bring joyful news.

But first..

Did any of you see this video on youtube?

An authentic bigfoot sighting in Southern California..

Pretty crazy right? As soon as I saw that video I went out and bought Drink the Sea, the Glitch Mob’s newest album

Wanna give a HUGE shout out to THE Glitch Mob while I’m at it..
I have recently fallen in love with this group (bromance, you may call it..)

What I like about them: They truly bridge the gap between all the new age production capabilities (aka dubstep, drum n bass, house, electro music type) and yet with a solid, even old school hip hop influence. Most of their songs you could genuinely classify as hip-hop, and yet they infuse elements from all the previously mentioned genres.
I am a huge fan. 5 stars

Some tasty appetizers:

“The 4th Movement” (Glitch Mob Remix)

“Beyond Right Now” (Glitch Mob Remix) . mp3

“edIT” (Glitch Mob) & Wale – Freaxxx (w/ scratches from Dj Am) . mp3

“Red Dress” (Glitch Mob Remix) – TV On the Radio

complements of zippyshare 🙂

As always, please support the artist and purchase their albums or tickets to see them live!!!

(otherwise we’d all starve, and no more music for you!)

And their newest album just dropped!more info available on their site

Guess where they just performed on June 5 on their promotion tour for “Drink the Sea”?

MY HOMETOWN!  Portland, Oregon

They also are performing in Los Angeles tonight – and I will most certainly be there as I am in love with their new album. (sorry no samples from it for you – as it just dropped I want to encourage you to purchase it and support the artists, it is worth the price)

Who are they?

“When four friends, Ooah, edIT, Boreta & Kraddy all noted fixtures on the West Coast underground team up with a creative vision and positive intentions

the result is

A relentless sonic assault on the dance floor of
ferocious drums, catastrophic sub bass, and sounds from another world
It is an unforgiving and punishing physical audio
experience that will leave your body beat to the
core and your soul wanting more
It is the gift of music from this four man
collaboration with the intention to unite the masses
on the dance floor through trying times
It is the experience of being slayed……
The Glitch Mob


And now for something completely different…
I’d like to take today to announce that THIS BLOG WILL NOT EXIST in 2 days time

Now now… don’t cry (but, at least pretend you care a little bit..)

Actually, I decided recently to purchase some real domain spaces and I will be moving this blog hopefully into a much more large scale operation…

There will be a three day notice but in the meantime, take a moment to GET INFECTED


“The Last music blog you will ever need”...

The launch of this site and multiple affiliates will ultimately allow me to do what I love doing: gathering music, learning about artists, making dj mixes and remixes, and sharing it all with you!!

PS, swine flu is pimped out.. check it:

– I’ve been workin out recently, and gettin my bling’ on..

Be ready for:

  • daily free tracks in BULK. my library is too big and I want give some of it away.
  • daily content, basically whatever I find online that interests me or I find funny.
  • new SwineFlu remixes and mixes available for digital download (however, they may be given away for free for promotional purposes as well – email inquiries to Swine Flu at
  • Whatever else I want. I have some interesting ideas – a line of t-shirts and swineflu masks are MOST definitely in the making. Be excited.

“A blog site run by college students for students.”

Great for djs, promoters, blog enthusiasts, and people who just straight-up love music (especially lots of it, and WAYYY too loud, with a HUGE subwoofer so that the neighbors call the cops..)

Stay posted for upcoming blog-tastic following of the EDC, by the waty, which grows closer and closer..


seriously I’m really excited for Electric Daisy Carnival this year, it’s going to be raw this year and the first time I will have seen Dada Life live (who I have been listening to a lot of recently..)


Happy Hands & Happy Feet – Dada Life

Symphonies ft. Kid Cudi (Dada Life Remix)

Handguns – Alex Gopher (Dada Life Remix)

and a sweet tiesto remix for ya..

Dada Life – Let’s Get Bleeped Tonight (Tiesto Remix)

Tons of other notable artists will be there, which I will love to see a second (or fourth time, in some cases..)

Swedish House Mafia
Dirty South
Bart B More
Laidback Luke
Benny Benassi
and Armin Van Buuren *(headlining saturday..)

with Deadmau5 headlining friday.. 🙂

Have a great weekend followers. All my love..

-VR/SF out

cookies for reading:

Just a Deal (Disco Freak Remix) – Bueno Clinic

C’Mon – Tiesto vs. Diplo (vlast remix)

– the original is even better 😛

California Dreamin’ – Manny Faces Remix

*Bonus Track:

Coldplay – Clocks 2010 (Tom Reason Remix)

an oldie but goody..


28 05 2010


Deadmau5 live at Coachella 2010:

Hey people, sorry I been MIA for a bit. Been in the process of moving all my stuff into the off-campus student housing at USC, and getting ready to start my summer jobs.

Next week I begin for an interactive site that sells primarily giftcards using Facebook, Myspace, Neno, Bebo, Flickr, etc.

Also, met up with an old friend of mine, Yohei Nakajima, CMC class of 2009, who got me stoked and involved in EntertainLA, a new social media site focusing on REAL social interaction as opposed to online socializing. You sign up by invitation only, and then collect friends on the site – available to all members for free is a weekly party inform, access to hundreds of ratings of over 700 bars, clubs, and events in LA, made by fellow members whom you trust and know. See what your friends are up to at any given day on the calender, leave comments RSVPing for their events, share stories about last night or about a specific bar, and most importantly RECONNECT WITH OLD FRIENDS AND MEET NEW ONES!

check it out here:

– it is invitation-only so hit me up if you are intersted – a great way to ramp up your social life if you are living in LA.

A few samples:

Nas & Damian Marley are appearing at Wiltern Friday night, tonight, May 28th in support of their new album..

– found out about it through EntertainLA: NAS & DAMIAN MARLEY SHOW

This event is being held tomorrow, Saturday May 29th:

BEACHWOOD! looks like such a wicked party..

Props to EntertainLA for reconnecting me with old- college friends and helping me to make new friends and have the hook-up for cool events going down in LA. I’m all for this site and wish it the best!

Some tracks of the day for your enjoyment:

Simon Says (Mikey Mic Remix) – Pharoahe Monch

Bartender (Manny Faces Remix) – Akon

Jump Smokers ft. Pitbull – Rock It Like It’s Spring Break

Bonus song:

Symphonies ft. Kid Cudi (Dada Life Remix)

****VR/SF Out***


16 05 2010



Seems like the chapters go faster and faster the older you get. I make music so that there is something still here long after I’m gone..


New Mixtape- and weekend content!

12 04 2010

“Rebellion is a refusal of obedience or order [1]. It may, therefore, be seen as encompassing a range of behaviors from civil disobedience and mass nonviolent resistance, to violent and organized attempts to destroy an established authority such as the government. Those who participate in rebellions are known as “rebels”. A Rebel is distinguished from an outsider. An outsider is one who is excluded from a group whereas a rebel goes against it. Also, a rebel’s potential to overthrow the leadership is recognized and substantial, unless the rebellion is crushed, whereas an outsider has been marginalized and is considered to be degenerate.”

Swine Flu: According to reports, the virus is a “never-before-seen form of the flu that combines pig, bird and human viruses” which consists of an intercontinental mix of viruses from North America, Europe and Asia.

“CDC officials detected a virus with a unique combination of gene segments that have not been seen in people or pigs before,” according to an Associated Press report.

“This strain of swine influenza that’s beencultured in a laboratoryis something that’s not been seen anywhere actually in the United States and the world, so this is actually a new strain of influenza that’s been identified,” said Dr. John Carlo, Dallas Co. Medical Director (video clip here).

Alarming reports are now filtering in about people catching the illness who have had no contact with pigs whatsoever. These include a man and his daughter in San Diego County, a 41-year-old woman in Imperial County and two teenagers in San Antonio, Texas. In fact, in all U.S. cases, the victims had no contact with any pigs.

Combine the two, and you are in a LOT of trouble.

My apologies…

I have been really busy the past couple days because I have a Macroeconomics midterm coming up on monday, but I was able to turn out one solid mix this weekend, as well as update the house session from April 7

April 11:

8 Minute Power House Session

‘Signs on the Dancefloor’


  • Move For Me – Deadmau5 & Kaskade
  • Signs (Arman Van Helden Remix) – Bloc Party
  • Walk the Line – Laurent Wolf


Updated 15 Minute Power House Session


-Swine Flu

Songs I am listening to today:

‘Party Tonight’ (Midaz Remix) – Deadmau ft. Rob Swire (Ghost N Stuff)

‘what do you feel’ (rene rodriguez remix) -Darren Bailie & Rene Rodrigezz

‘nobody listens to techno’ – funkagenda ft mc flipside

‘a beautiful day’ (vanotex remix)

grooveshakerz – we got the beat

everybody (123XYZ remix) – Rudenko

Now it’s time for something completely different:

(read to the end and you get more cookies)

VR/Swine Flu’s Relationship Advice

A list of things to do that might show a girl how much you care about her, for all you romantics out there..

  • leave 2 dozen roses and a love note on her bed, secretly, so she finds it as a surprise (bonus points if you get her friends involved and she has no idea what you’re doing)
  • take her to the beach and teach her to surf, sunbathe, then get margaritas after
  • go get bagels, coffee, jamba juice, or Ihop after a night when you both had way too much to drink (bonus points if she stays the night in your bed)
  • go on a west coast roadtrip across minimum 2 states
  • bonus points if:
  • – you stay in a coastal hotel complete with hottub and queen size bed, and then you comp bottles of wine to the room like theres no tmrw
  • – extra bonus points if you go on a romantic walk and watch the waves hit the shore
  • – go up in the gondola and have an aerial view/hike through all the amazing huge redwood trees in Northern cal (also, if possible, go to the drive thru tree, and let her drive through it)
  • stay with her in an apartment in San Francisco **this one is a must** make sure you take her out to dinner, party and buy her drinks, and be sure to try the watermelon wheat beer from the Beanbag (but watch out for the crazy stalker guy..)
  • pick her up from the airport whenever she needs you to
  • share all of your music with her and make her playlists that remind you of her
  • buy her earrings and scarves from foreign countries to show how much you’ve missed her, and make sure they highlight/complement her beautiful eyes
  • take her on a tour of London and introduce her to the ‘snake-bite‘ (great drink, if you didn’t know..) – pretty much any major european city will do, just make sure you know where to take her
  • introduce her to your entire family, even if they’re strange..
  • take her to a super secret spot on the beach and watch shooting stars together **this one is tough but required** 🙂
  • write her a song on the piano
  • wait for her outside as long as you have to; in the end, its worthit
  • supply all the alcohol and come up with the theme for her birthday party and make friends with all her friends, so you can all hang out more often
  • watch ‘kitchen nightmares’, ‘modern family’, and/or ‘better off ted’ with her just to relax and snuggle, even when you have TONS of work you should be doing
  • spend hours editing her spanish HW, essays, and help edit her application essay for abroad, even when her getting accepted to abroad means she’s gone for the entire next semester
  • give her massages whenever she is stressed or pretty much just whenever she wants; soft kisses are also a plus
  • name your first imaginary child in advance, naturally after the best cereal ever (lucky charms, duhhh)
  • talk about/come up with super secret plots to steal cute adopted asian babies
  • brag to everyone about how beautiful and perfect she is, even if she doesn’t do the same for you
  • leave pictures of cute puppies on her computer
  • always forgive her for anything and everything she has ever done to upset you or break your heart, even if she doesn’t do the same for you

“Feel it in my bones” Tiesto ft.  Tegan & Sarah

“Gouge Away” – The Pixies (Jaques Lu Cont Remix)

There is a great list of ideas for you.

“Fix Your Face 3” DJ AM & Travis Barker

Partysquad ft. Doyle Bramhall & Erykah Badu “What You Live For”

Red Mist – Danny Byrd

In the making for the next couple days:

After I finish my midterm, I am going to be performing for a few days straight as well as making mixtapes, so please stay posted, got some interesting stuff coming soon..

– TNC/hiphop/R&B Party Mixtapes

-Reggaeton Mixtapes

– Tons more House/Electro and Dubstep/Grime

– Trance/HighER energy (what, you thought it wasn’t possible?)


you know what else is a great remedy?!



-‘free’ – cat power

‘down’ (jason nevin’s remix) – jay sean ft. lil wayne

‘dancing is like heaven’ – alex c. ft. yass

‘girl you can’t dance’ – example

‘llamado de emergencia’ – daddy yankee

“Gold Lion” – Yeah yeah yeahs

Why not..

Long Hot Summer Night – Jimi Hendrix

Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix

(I was originally a guitarist, after all..)

So I guess what I have learned is that life is a process. It has its ups and downs, a lot more frequently than we all would like; it’s filled with injustice and sorrow sometimes, other times its beautiful and simple. Those times are the best, but we can’t have the good without the bad. That’s just reality.

The best we can do is keep our heads up and keep fighting for what we love. And every day we must remember, that not all of us are even fortunate enough to be blessed with life, so we who are must take nothing for granted.

Miss you Conner Luby. RIP.

“Soon it will be cold enough to build fires” – Emancipator


{{{{{VR OUT}}}}}}

New Mixtape – ‘Dankstep’ 11 min. April 10

9 04 2010

Swine Flu’s 11 Minute Power Dubstep Session (II)



  • ‘Lemon Fist’ – The Secret Lemon Project
  • ‘It Was Written’ (Chasing Shadows Remix) – Damian Marley
  • Ghosts N Stuff (Nero Remix) – Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire
  • Feeling’s Gone (Rusko’s Rock The Stadium Remix) – Shiny Toy Guns ft. Sam Sparro

Must apologize in advance, all the mixtapes are rough and unmastered, so there will be some places with normalization/sound issues. However, I think this is the best one yet.

I will be continually editing/fixing/mastering and reposting all my mixtapes, so stay posted. New ones are in the making as well.

Enjoy! 🙂

Get infected.

dedicated to you-know-who and props to Drew Hisey for posting this

current favorite artists..

8 04 2010

First, the ruthless self-promotion…


This post is for all you music-lovers out there.. I know I spend a long time looking over the internet and elsewhere to find new tracks, and unlike many DJ’s who preciously guard their music collection, I am all about sharing the music that I love.

Following are photos of most of my current favorite house/electro/club artists.. If you have a similar music taste to myself, then you really need to get up on these artists..


Under the Sun (Herve’s Ain’t No Sunshine Remix)



Caspa & Rusko - sickest dubstep/grime dj producers on the planet..

Act Like You Know – Nero

Bloody Beetroots - rock hard..

Awesome – Bloody Beetroots ft. The Cool Kids

hotttt track..

Dizzee Rascal

Sirens – Dizzee Rascal

Bonkers – Armin Van Heldon ft. Dizzee Rascal

Dance Wiv Me (Club Mix) – Calvin Harriss ft. Dizzee Rascal


What Planet Your On – Bodyrox ft. Luciana

Angel on my Shoulder – Kaskade

I Remember – Caspa Remix

Cockney Thug – Caspa

Baby When the Lights Go Out – David Guetta

California Dreamin (Benny Bennassi Remix) – Royal Gigalos

Come Fly Away – Benny Bennassi

When Love Takes Over – David Guetta

D.A.N.C.E. – Mstrkrft Remix

01 Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix).m4a

Feeling’s Gone (Rusko’s Rock The Stadium Remix) – Basement Jaxx ft. Sam Sparro

Whatcha Say (Rusko’s Come Ere and Say That Remix) – Jason Derulo

There are a ton more tracks that I listen to, obviously, but if you have these guys tracks, people will know what’s up.

And please, support the artists by going out and buying their records/downloading their stuff legally! These are only sample tracks 🙂