Rebellion’s TOP TEN MOST INFLUENTIAL hip-hop dj’s/producers

18 11 2012

It’s about time! The following artists are probably the most talented, and when it comes to hip hop have had more of an effect for its development, than any single rapper or group ever could – and they do it all from behind the scenes. Half of these guys you’ve never heard of but you’ve def. heard some of their work or work by someone who was inspired by their beats.

This is, in my opinion, the most important list rebellion will make..

Some of these guys rap as well, but what separates their music from others is the quality of their beats/their production value – I’d recommend grabbin’ a few songs from each one and studying them religiously if you call yourself a hip-hop fan..

****drum roll*****

Top-ten Hip-Hop producers/dj’s of all time…

1 Pete Rock

2  Madlib/Quasimoto/Yesterday’s New Quintet

3 Cut-Chemist

4 Mr. Lif

5 Peanut Butter Wolf

6 Danger Mouse

7 Dan The Automator aka Automator

8 RJD2

9 Prince Paul

10 Dj Shadow

Honorable mentions:

9th Wonder


Dr. Dre



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