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“Rebellion is a refusal of obedience or order [1]. It may, therefore, be seen as encompassing a range of behaviors from civil disobedience and mass nonviolent resistance, to violent and organized attempts to destroy an established authority such as the government. Those who participate in rebellions are known as “rebels”. A Rebel is distinguished from an outsider. An outsider is one who is excluded from a group whereas a rebel goes against it. Also, a rebel’s potential to overthrow the leadership is recognized and substantial, unless the rebellion is crushed, whereas an outsider has been marginalized and is considered to be degenerate.”

The artist reborn as Vocal Rebellion, was, contrary to popular belief, originally, at least partly, human. Little is known of the facts, but the myth goes, *** ******** a young monster, lives with his mother in a cave on the outskirts of human civilization. He watches as other creatures evolve around him.

He then becomes fascinated with the world of men, watching from a safe distance as mankind evolves from a nomadic, tribal culture into a feudal system with roads, governments, and militaries. He is befuddled by their actions and simultaneously disgusted by their wasteful, brute violence. He begins to learn their language, secretly of course, and watches as churches, political-institutions and religion emerge and cause the deaths of many innocent people, all for men who called themselves prophets or spoke about what later came to be known as truth.

He notices that death, disease, and love is in fact characteristic of the modern age, and grows weary of his mother. He views life as a condition of tension, as a disproportion between what he wants(or needs)  which is to be free, and how the world appears to operate, him trapped with his mother in a murky cave. When he reaches out to his mother whose soul wretched and intertwined with violence, he realizes his life does not possess the objective value or meaning that we wants it to have nor that he had long since believed it to have, and finds himself in a crisis.

One night when his mother falls asleep, he gathers his courage and escapes into the night. However, his mother, ever-vigilant in her psychotic madness, silently chases after him, and manages to surprise him and grab him in her arms. As they struggle, he slips, and his mother gains the upper hand and rips his arm off, causing him to slip and fall on the edge of a cliff. Staring down into its dark, murky depths, he sees gasps, as groups of humans gathering around staring at him, seeming to condemn him. He tries to whisper but then falls off the edge of a cliff.

He wakes up some time much later, moving in and out of a series of hallucinations in which he sees himself raised as a human.

His only images at first are of his parents.

School eventually comes, and he gets a girlfriend, and has a first kiss, its magical.

Time seems to pass faster and faster.

He wakes up and finds himself in a small dorm room.

(complements of http://www.answers.com/topic/grendel-novel-2)


  • guitarist/vocalist/producer/student
  • 21 yrs. old
  • born year of the dragon – a scorpio
  • student at Claremont McKenna College, class of 2011
  • major in Economics and Leadership
  • other interests include: journalism/management/marketing

I was raised in Portland Oregon, undoubtedly one of the greatest places in the world. I have played guitar for about 12 years, before that playing piano and other various instruments.
I was in a band in high school and have since found music to be one of the greatest passions and hobbies of my life – to me, a day without music is a wasted day.

MIDEA LANE under Hearts Toned Records

Liquid Love

Right Or Wrong

Never Judge

One Sun/

(Soul Creation)

I miss those guys.

As for my personal work [see the widget box] I play all the parts on my tracks and do all the production, except sometimes I feature friend poets or chop up spoken word poetry/speeches, which I do not claim to have written myself. I am not a great producer but every day I learn and I have fun with it. I am not about making money with my music.

For reading this far, you get cookies:

No Time – Sound Providers

Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden

Home – Urban Soul Orchestra ft. Anna McDonald&Levani Vosasi

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel

Pearl Harbor Sucked and I Miss You

More later, keep reading 😉

I snowboard, surf, rock climb, and do things that some people might consider dangerous. But I love life and especially living it too the fullest – pushing it to the limit then forcing myself to take that next step.. That is where I am happiest.
climbing collage
I listen to a lot of music and am BY NO MEANS a normal person..

I relax and procrastinate all day, work on songs and beats, and I’d rather jump off a cliff just because I want to do it, not because someone else is doing it.

When I have to get work done, I lock down and do it quickly. When I don’t have to get work done, I am very elusive, you will find me somewhere deep in the depths of my school with my headphones on.

I love music. Enjoy my site!

for finishing:

Warrior’s Dance – The Prodigy

Slick Talkin’ – The Weathermen ft. Breeze Brewin

Break The Law – Three-Six Mafia

She Came Along – Sharam


Mt. Hood Meadows/Timberline Lodge - who says Oregon has no good boarding?

Mt. Hood Meadows/Timberline Lodge - who says Oregon has no good boarding?





Con Te Partiro – Andrea Bocelli

Black Nostaljack – Camp Lo

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27 06 2009


28 06 2009

[…] this is your first time here, i suggest you scroll down and read the about me […]

12 07 2009

you’re like really hot…are you single? you have really good taste in music too, love all your top 10’s, especially the reggae!

8 01 2010

sos increible!! y si no me entendes bueno .. pero teneess toda la onda locoo! yo nunca dejo mensajes a nadie pero vos mereces la excepcion!

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