8 04 2010

hello hello hello world.

TODAY (April 6) marks the end of my digital hiatus and also my first trip to my blog in probably a month. I must apologize to the few fans that I (might have) had. I intend to return and do so in a big way, so thank you for the faith, please stay posted. To all those who read/enjoyed/hated my lists, I will no longer be making them anyway, so don’t worry. My blog from now on will focus on daily bringing you hot new tracks that I am listening to, promoting my personal mixtapes as a DJ and producer, and sharing funny content with the world.

Firstly, I would like to take moment to thank this online enthusiast for making me pass out on the floor laughing:

To briefly explain my fall-out from digital-awesomeness..

I started this blog a while back while I was abroad – England first, then Spain – and since I have returned to the great United States I have been stuck with two very difficult jobs – in the midst of a recovering-ish economy I have been seeking a job, and in the midst of a bunch of really smart people (Claremont McKenna College) I have likewise been trying not to fail out. Unfortunately, those two objectives kept me so busy that I had not had time to edit or pay any attention to my blog, which really was just for fun and to pass the time while I was in England.

Pics from abroad can be found on my facebook page (but, *gasp* you have to know who I am and or friend-me to be able to see them!)

Pics from my most recent climbing trip just for fun..

Let’s Make Nasty – Afrojack Remix

However, due to some recent developments in my life, I have recently been encouraged to start my blog back up again, so like it or not, Vocal Rebellion aka Swine Flu aka Rapzilla aka ***** ******** is here to stay. Deal with it.

instructions on correct usage of a technic deck:

I now plan to devote my extra time to researching new artists, studying new styles of music, podcasting, blogging, and in all ways promoting the music that I make and love, as well as playing other musics that I enjoy (at least when I’m not busy with schoolwork,  real work, and or practicing) and I hope you will enjoy it.

Content available on the website:

– photo albums (of my favorite artists)

– top ten lists (old but still fun..)

– track of the day

– previous tracks of the day

– swine flu mixtapes (many to come)

– other funny content!!! READ IT NOW!!

Stay posted..



As for this semester..

I have recently acquired two pairs of rare european technic 1200 mk2’s,WHOOO!!! a mixer, serato live for Mac, and an akai MPD 24 midi pad control unit (already had that actually), and officially begun my career, once again reborn as Swine Flu aka DJ Swine Flu aka H1N1. For those of you who made it to the last TNC before they got cancelled, yeah, that was me, and sorry about that. It was a rager. The cops were called three times, bottles were broken, and fights did break out. Security needed to be a lot tighter, but props to my peeps who kept their energy for positive use on the dance floor. The mosh/dance pit in the middle was incredible, had a great energy and it was a fantastic debut. I have gotten great feedback from my peers on it and I plan to rock equally or harder at every show in the future, so SHOW UP!

As of right now I only one official upcoming gig at:

Relay for Life  (April 24?) 6:00 am – ?

However, I have spoken to management of table manners and am prepared to start making weekly appearances on staff for next year, so please be prepared.


DJ Swine Flu – 11 Minute Power Dubstep Session April 7

DJ Swine Flu – 15 Minute Power House Electro Club Session April 7

Cookies for reading:

A brief history of my entry into DJing..

My whole life I have been interested in digital music production. I began on a 4 track when I was very young, then upgraded to an 8 track, and upon entering college, acquired preamps with Ableton live (currently using 8, with operator = sickkk). So when I found myself going clubbing 4 or 5 times a week while living in England, I very naturally became interested in learning to DJ, as I sat there thinking, well I certainly feel like I could do that. That is the philosophy of Mamy Rock, the 70 yr. old English/French dj who became interested in DJing from going to one of her grandson’s birthday parties. It’s the shit.

Mamy rocks – Dj Mamy Rock

Originally learning my style in England, working as a club promoter and hanging out in my free time with DJ’s, I began to amass a very very large music collection (currently 200 gigs give or take). My style quickly became an eclectic, rave-tastic combination of house, electro, dubstep, progressive trance, rap, and even reggaeton (when I went to Spain) that is guaranteed to make you move some part of your body.

2 kick ass rusko remixes: (if you don’t know Rusko yet, you best act like you know)

Feeling’s Gone (Rusko’s Rock The Stadium Remix) – Basement Jaxx ft. Sam Sparro

Whatcha Say (Rusko’s Come Ere and Say That Remix) – Jason Derulo

Those who are new to the site, be prepared for a song of the day, every day, a combination of weird, funny, and/or amazing videos that I decide to post, as well as the occasional rant (oh how I love ranting!)

– Click the widget box on your upper right for any of my work as a producer (Vocal Rebellion)

Here: The first official Swine Flu Dj Mixtape –

Swine Flu’s – ‘Rave against the Machine’ 11 minute power dubstepmix

Swine Flu’s –  15 Minute  Power Electro/House Club Session April 7

= get Infected 🙂


One love forever, and peace to all humanity. Seriously.

What I have been listening to/spinning in the past 24 hours (cookies for being a good reader):

My Adidas (Pilot Priest Remix) – Run DMC

San Francisco – PH Electro

Take Me Away (Dave Darrell Remix) – 4 Strings

Volna (Original Radio Edit) – Dj Smash Presents Fast Food

The Pixies – Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Rmx)

Stay posted cuz I got a PHAT library of tracks that I’m just dyin’ for YOU to here!

America #1




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