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Dublin, Republic of Ireland:

We arrived late, and ready to party, seeing as we’d already paid our dues (Ryan Air charges you 40 lbs. if you don’t pre-print your boarding pass, STUPID!!!) Of course, VR, yours truly, ever the P-town soldier, had forgotten to pack a jacket or coat of any kind, and Ireland is cold (*seriously, take note).  We check into our hostel, where I immediately called shotgun on bottom bunk. We headed out to the Temple Bar area and got our drink on. That night, the most memorable moment was probably a drunken irishman dancing in puke and then kicking Ronnie with the bottom of his foot. He didn’t like that. After that we had to leave to keep him from swingin’ – the guy meant no disrespect though, he was just wasted. The next day we took care of all our touristy stuff – saw the Guinness Factory, the original JJ&Sons whiskey distillery, where Matt Alcus and myself got selected as taste-testers. See the photos below, but suffice it to say, I am now a certified whiskey taster. For our final test, we were asked to blindly compare Jack Daniels (America), Black Label (Scottish), and Jameson’s (Irish). Under the pressure of a rather biased situation, sitting in the middle of JJ&sons in Ireland, I cracked down and chose Jameson. Not so sure that was the right decision though, the Scotch was delicious and JD has always had a special place in my heart. The question remains..

After a nap, we met up and began the festivities. This night is kind of a blur, but I do remember seeing a fantastic guitarist at the Porterhouse (amazing beers – Chocolate Stout, Strawberry Wheat Beer, and the Brain Blasta, being a few of my favorite Irish brews…A must see if in Ireland!) Also recommend seeing Coppors, Temple Bar, the Purty Kitchen for fantastic live music and basically everything else on Essex street. The next night we had an epic 10 hour pubcrawl, and ended by watching a crazy live band in the Purty Kitchen (a 3 level bar, with live music downstairs, a lounge area/bar on the second level, and a dance club on the third level, 5 stars..)

Bring lots of money, there is an alcohol tax making all pints approx. 5 euros.
Here’s the Dublin photo album.
Shout out, happy 30th birthday to my brother Macgregor, congratulations Dan on your first day as a fully certified ambulance driver, and happy fathers day (last sunday) to my pops!

what a weekend…

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28 06 2009

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