New Glitch Mob Album!

12 06 2010

Cookies anyone?

Bite it – Bad Boy Bill

Got 2 Know – Flux Pavillion

Violins (Original Mix) – Lake & Lys

Please Mr. Postman (Cragga Dubstep Remix) – The Marvelettes

and now.. drum roll please.. it’s time for your Swine Flu update of the day

and I bring joyful news.

But first..

Did any of you see this video on youtube?

An authentic bigfoot sighting in Southern California..

Pretty crazy right? As soon as I saw that video I went out and bought Drink the Sea, the Glitch Mob’s newest album

Wanna give a HUGE shout out to THE Glitch Mob while I’m at it..
I have recently fallen in love with this group (bromance, you may call it..)

What I like about them: They truly bridge the gap between all the new age production capabilities (aka dubstep, drum n bass, house, electro music type) and yet with a solid, even old school hip hop influence. Most of their songs you could genuinely classify as hip-hop, and yet they infuse elements from all the previously mentioned genres.
I am a huge fan. 5 stars

Some tasty appetizers:

“The 4th Movement” (Glitch Mob Remix)

“Beyond Right Now” (Glitch Mob Remix) . mp3

“edIT” (Glitch Mob) & Wale – Freaxxx (w/ scratches from Dj Am) . mp3

“Red Dress” (Glitch Mob Remix) – TV On the Radio

complements of zippyshare 🙂

As always, please support the artist and purchase their albums or tickets to see them live!!!

(otherwise we’d all starve, and no more music for you!)

And their newest album just dropped!more info available on their site

Guess where they just performed on June 5 on their promotion tour for “Drink the Sea”?

MY HOMETOWN!  Portland, Oregon

They also are performing in Los Angeles tonight – and I will most certainly be there as I am in love with their new album. (sorry no samples from it for you – as it just dropped I want to encourage you to purchase it and support the artists, it is worth the price)

Who are they?

“When four friends, Ooah, edIT, Boreta & Kraddy all noted fixtures on the West Coast underground team up with a creative vision and positive intentions

the result is

A relentless sonic assault on the dance floor of
ferocious drums, catastrophic sub bass, and sounds from another world
It is an unforgiving and punishing physical audio
experience that will leave your body beat to the
core and your soul wanting more
It is the gift of music from this four man
collaboration with the intention to unite the masses
on the dance floor through trying times
It is the experience of being slayed……
The Glitch Mob


And now for something completely different…
I’d like to take today to announce that THIS BLOG WILL NOT EXIST in 2 days time

Now now… don’t cry (but, at least pretend you care a little bit..)

Actually, I decided recently to purchase some real domain spaces and I will be moving this blog hopefully into a much more large scale operation…

There will be a three day notice but in the meantime, take a moment to GET INFECTED


“The Last music blog you will ever need”...

The launch of this site and multiple affiliates will ultimately allow me to do what I love doing: gathering music, learning about artists, making dj mixes and remixes, and sharing it all with you!!

PS, swine flu is pimped out.. check it:

– I’ve been workin out recently, and gettin my bling’ on..

Be ready for:

  • daily free tracks in BULK. my library is too big and I want give some of it away.
  • daily content, basically whatever I find online that interests me or I find funny.
  • new SwineFlu remixes and mixes available for digital download (however, they may be given away for free for promotional purposes as well – email inquiries to Swine Flu at
  • Whatever else I want. I have some interesting ideas – a line of t-shirts and swineflu masks are MOST definitely in the making. Be excited.

“A blog site run by college students for students.”

Great for djs, promoters, blog enthusiasts, and people who just straight-up love music (especially lots of it, and WAYYY too loud, with a HUGE subwoofer so that the neighbors call the cops..)

Stay posted for upcoming blog-tastic following of the EDC, by the waty, which grows closer and closer..


seriously I’m really excited for Electric Daisy Carnival this year, it’s going to be raw this year and the first time I will have seen Dada Life live (who I have been listening to a lot of recently..)


Happy Hands & Happy Feet – Dada Life

Symphonies ft. Kid Cudi (Dada Life Remix)

Handguns – Alex Gopher (Dada Life Remix)

and a sweet tiesto remix for ya..

Dada Life – Let’s Get Bleeped Tonight (Tiesto Remix)

Tons of other notable artists will be there, which I will love to see a second (or fourth time, in some cases..)

Swedish House Mafia
Dirty South
Bart B More
Laidback Luke
Benny Benassi
and Armin Van Buuren *(headlining saturday..)

with Deadmau5 headlining friday.. 🙂

Have a great weekend followers. All my love..

-VR/SF out

cookies for reading:

Just a Deal (Disco Freak Remix) – Bueno Clinic

C’Mon – Tiesto vs. Diplo (vlast remix)

– the original is even better 😛

California Dreamin’ – Manny Faces Remix

*Bonus Track:

Coldplay – Clocks 2010 (Tom Reason Remix)

an oldie but goody..



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