13 08 2009

Gotta say, this is probably my favorite artist right now. Deadmau5 (pronounced ‘dead mouse’) is right now one of the most original, innovative, and exciting producer/dj’s in the industry (though, admittedly, Deadmau5 has a very specific definition of a ‘DJ’). Anyway, I’ve been pretty much listening to him non-stop ever since I first heard him in England.deadmau5

Bio: Found lurking in the creative laboratory known as the ‘deadmau5 disco den of despair and inequity’ this creative ingenue runs the gamut of beats unlike any other. Since his inception deadmau5 has stormed our planet with chart topping action and playlists from the best of the best.deadmau52

Deadmau5’s magnificent stylings have a captured an audience that has moves with him and his sounds. Ranging from thumping to the electro, the weird and the strong – one thing has become synonymous with deadmau5 and that is world class quality.deadmau5_02.jpg

This Canadian native transplanted from the borders of Niagara Falls to Toronto and that’s just the beginning of his tale. In Niagara he was the co-producer of a radio program “the party revolution” and that may very well have been the launch of the deadmau5. From the many collaborations which have transpired alongside friend and companion sound genius Steve Duda, the moniker of BSOD was born.deadmau54

Meanwhile in Canada deadmau5 has helped position label Play Digital as a top selling label online landing number 1 singles and remixes on digital market via These singles have seen play by the likes of Pete Tong, John Acquaviva, Chris Lake, Sebastien Leger, Nic Fanciulli, Jody from WOW, Donald Glaude and many many more…deadmau53
Currently working with the group 24twentyfour the future is powered by the sounds of deadmau5. Now with his own label ‘Xfer records’ and ‘mau5trap’. Mightier than a sonic boom the house of mau5 is a powerful force on the dancefloors of the globe.deadmau59


credit to: the fresh page

And in case you didn’t catch that – yes, he is


That adds one more to my list of favorite artists from Canada! Our countries may disagree on a lot of issues (relevant point..? healthcare) but anyone with ears and half a brain has to give it to ’em: they have an amazing, impressive, and innovative music scene up there.deadmau57

Damn he has a sick set up to. C heck out his equip in this pic, including MK3 pioneers (industry standard), two house mixers and a PA  live-mixer, his laptop, and he’s also probably got some vinyl chillin’ around there somewhere…So sick.


Check out this video and tell that doesn’t look like one of the best live shows you’ve ever seen…

Man, this cats got attitude and style. 5 Stars.

Yo and if you like him as much as I do, you should support him and buy all the rest of his shit from beatport like I do.

Note his next tour for his newest album is going to be INSANE!! I’m gonna see him somehow, even though I’ll miss all his shows on the West Coast cuz I’ll be in Spain.

He’s got a show at the Roseland Theater in Portland OR comin up for all my homies up there, 10/28/2009

10/29/09- Grant Ballroom, San Francisco

10/31/09- The Forum – Inglewood

Gotta see him live!!!



3 responses

21 09 2009

deadmau5 is the best!!!! i like his music! and i listenit from mexico !!!!

favourite song: brazil

27 10 2009

ive been listenin deadmau5 and i love how he mixes trance with house, hes great.

greetingz from Argentina

18 03 2010

DEadMau5 Its Awesome =]…..I like I remember with caspa mIX –> Dub-step =]

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