Back in California, and it feels great

11 08 2009

Went surfing today, first time in months, but it came back to me quick. Got one amazing ride, caught it wayyy early, dropped a massive face – i was stoked – then noticed my dad (SURFDADDY) was on the same wave. Party wave!!! Anyway, just trying to catch up on sleep and get over my wicked case of jetlag. It’s nice to come back to the paradise known as San Diego California.
a clip from ‘Billabong Oddysey’ for your enjoyment..

Headin up to LA for a few days to see some people and party, but I promise I’ll get some new content up here as soon as I get the chance. Hit me up if you wanna hang out, u know the #.

Stay high bredren

ps If you’re ever having a bad day, take a look at DMX’s criminal record – it will cheer you up, guaranteed!

best one:
“In April 2005, Simmons [DMX] was arrested in The Bronx for driving with a suspended license after his car crashed into a police cruiser.

He opened fire on the cruiser before speeding off and crashing into a telephone pole.”



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