new version of Wikipedia..

1 08 2009

So I have just found a new website/online encyclopedia which called itself Encyclopedia Dramatica… You have to see this site to believe it, seriously… Search for anything and it gives you the completely unbiased – and un-pc – answer to your question, similar to wikipedia, except NOT. Try Mcdonalds for instance:

JokerMcDonald's“Why so fattening? “


Seriously, I can’t even believe this site legally exists. Search anything that is even remotely popupar and you will be sure to find something interesting. I want to investigate further the validity of their facts, but you can’t deny the hilarity of their – albiet often bigoted and chauvanistic – but hilarious statements. God the internet is insane.

A quote from the Lindsay Lohan page:

Lindsay Lohan, better known as lilo, lezzlo, Hohan, Firecrotch, or Frankie Muniz, is a crack-whore who “uses boys for drugs and girls for thrills”. She was originally famous as a child star but now only stars in shitty movies, makes shitty musicwhores herself out for drugs, and is an international superstar.

Presently, her only claim to fame is that she’s a carpet munching lesbian ex-child-star more washed up than Gary Coleman while Perez Hilton is obsessed with outing her to the point of self-effacing homophobic insanity.

Also, her girlfriend Samantha Ronson has a penis and a face like a horse so Lindsay might technically be a bisexual and a zoophiliac.

Due to her rampant drunkenness and stints in rehab, for a time she had to appear in all movies and photo shoots with an ankle bracelet, observe it’s boxy beauty in these photos.


______((((($$$$VR OUT$$$))))_____



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