top 5 things not to say to an officer

31 07 2009

Craigslist Missed Connection

children on leash

okay just freestyling here:

top 5 list of things not to say in response to that police officer that asked you if you have broken any laws recently…?

(yes, an officer actually asked me this once, what an idiot)

5. “define recently…”

4. “yeah, but i destroyed all the evidence so HA”

3. “i’m not sure- too drunk to remember. but i smell bacon!”

2. “who’s law officer, yours or mine?”

1. “let me answer your question with another question. why don’t you shave your vag?”

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One response

17 10 2009
jahshua balazs

nig so phat yo i startin some buitifull shit hit you soon onelove ………….jah bless 4iver souljah 888-JAH-IRIE iz i

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