best business idea ever…

16 07 2009

Vocal Rebellion has decided he is going to drop out of school and instead, open up a candy, ice cream, handgrenades and military firearms store.

In addition to our retail stores and online stores, we will also do deliveries, and when we drive around, we will have regular ice cream trucks, playing the ice-cream song, and when little kids run up to us, we will try and convince them to join the military and buy weaponry from us. It’s never too early to fight terrorism – get ‘um young, that’s what Uncle Sam says!

We refuse to be even the least bit shy about our diverse selection of firearms, ranging from ak-47’s, m-16’s, a wide array of explosives, our most popular weapon of choice: the m4 carbine, and of course, for those more inclined to kill at a distance, the barret .50 caliber sniper rifles… And we have popsicles! Also, for those not strong enough to carry rifles or machine guns, we recommended 9mm handguns or the special discount on desert eagle .50’s, which we have been assured are child-proof.

We also have sorbet, mint chocolate chip, vanilla, strawberry and many more flavors! YUM!

Contact us today @ 31 Ways to



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