a cure for ADHD? a new way to treat stroke patients without medicine?

7 07 2009

….perhaps even the path to telepathic communication….


see surfdaddy orca’s article ‘when ritalin isn’t quite right’
………………………..ps, i’m related to surfdaddy orca!

Basically, students at Harvard are mapping out every single electrical impulse fired in your brain and how that relates to every mood, thought, or even word you say. These are called EEG patterns, and by re-directing or stimulating certain parts of your brain, and thus increasing electrical flow, doctors are making gains on children with ADHD as well as treating patients who have suffered strokes.


The irony is, when it comes down to it, this research is, in the end, allowing people’s brains to, in effect, heal themselves, using their own energy (except an external stimulant)…

And of course our brilliant government doesn’t see the benefit of this research (LOBBYISTS) nor do the pentagon want to invest in this technology for militaristic purposes.. (soldiers communicating on the battlefield using their thoughts?)

What does it boil down to?

We’re not far from a world where telepathic communication using brainwaves might just be a reality…

…that is assuming VR is not already reading your mind…




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