the best DJ of all time?

29 06 2009


maybe he is maybe he isn’t. but for sake of his creativity, technical skill, and devotion to the art, we’ll put CUT CHEMIST definitely in the top five
(I can never decide, and indifference is easy)
Also, he has acted as an inspiration to a nation up and coming hip-hop dj’s for pioneering a truly unique and wicked cutthroat awesome style without a badass hip hop image or big label distribution or anything.. Just beats, a heavy jazz, funk, and soul influence, and more beats. 5/5
from Live At The Future Primitive Sound Session
Open/Close – Cut Chemist meets Shortkutcut-chemist
Tiny Bells – Cut Chemist meets Shortkut
No Mistakes in this Number (remix) – Cut Chemist meets Shortkut
King Kumoniwanaleia – Cut Chemist meets Shortkut
Right On The Rightcutchemist2
Slow Fresh – Cut Chemist meets Shortkut
(My 1st) Big Break – Cut Chemist (Off Audiences’ Listening)

this was some of his earlier work..
in fact I think it was his first studio album..
Also on this CD “The Garden”

Another great CD by cutting

chemist, an instant classic:
CuttinClass – CC_logo_medium_twit_bigger
Wah Wah Man
The Emporer
Gotta Learn How To Dance
Funky Bull
Last Minute
Son Of A Preacher Man
Root Down

a good friend of cut chemist:

cutchemist and dj shadow
DJ Shadow.. 4.5/5

“Pre-emtive Strike”
Dolphin’s Were Monkeys – DJ Shadow
Six Days The Remix ft. Mos Def – DJ Shadow
What does your soul look like? pt. 2 – Dj Shadow
Organ Donor – DJ Shadow
and once, the two infused…at which point the universe glitched into perfectly repeating 4-counts..This was recorded on a two-track CD, titled “Brainfreeze”. This is one of my favorites in my collection, I suggest you go out and buy it right away (ha).. or obtain it however you will, that’s on your conscience bittorent users! Album – “Brainfreeze” 5/5

cut chemist & dj shadow

cut chemist & dj shadow

…ouch my ears hurt

**VR is working on his DJing/turntable skills and with idols like these, he may just have a chance… Stay posted**



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