if you had to be stranded on an island…

17 06 2009

.. then you better hope it’s F$%#ING ENGLAND

I am currently stranded here, in South Kensington London to be exact, supposedly taking classes and doing an internship, although so far I’ve really only managed to club ALOT, drink a lot, and intermittently take enough tylonel the next morning to make it to class. It’s pretty expensive here, but life in london is so fast paced and so packed that there are always amazing things to do within blocks of where you are. Never a dull moment and never a night where their is “nothing to do”. I’ll have more to write on the subject later I’m sure, so stay posted..

Check out where I’m interning and tell me your not jealous..


I double dare you..

1. Urban Soul Orchestra

2. Nitin Sawhney

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t put lyrics in all my songs – why some are purely instrumental or chop up poetry..

Is this a good question? Does a song need vocals to be amazing?



– 2 More Dead

– Ghostwriter

Firesuite – The Doves


Loud Pipes

Ratatat (one of my favorite groups – innovative, creative, independent, put out their entire two volume collection “RATATAT REMIXES online for free, TRUE musicians)

Wig14 – Odd Nosdam

Brazil – Deadmau5

Dedicated Instramental – MF DOOM & MF GRIMM

convinced you need a vocalist?

Favorite clubs (so far):
if you get homesick.. Sportscafe
O’Niels bar

Matter – at the O2 arena.. SICKKKK

most interesting things that have happened so far:

1. aside from LOTS and lots of late nights and raging hard, I manged to break my big toe nail completely in half playing rugby with a couple mates from the local college. Pounding strongbows and stellas took the pain away for a bit, but after the house guard saw me (RADD! – the man), he forced me to go to the hospital. Got to experience nationalized health care first hand, and I gotta tell you, you cant argue with FREE. thats a fact. And the hospital was very VERY entertaining, lots of alcohol-poisoned over-dressed club girls coming and leaving, and lots of dudes fresh out of barfights. First class entertainment..although they do make Americans wait an extra 5 hours, the doctors were pretty funny and did a pretty good job.. Its okay no worries, they gave me lots of painkillers and I’m already back on my feet.. šŸ˜‰

2. going to western wales (beautiful coast, but reminds me a lot of Oregon coast, cuz its too cold to get in without a THICK wetsuit and some booties..) anyway, went to western wales to get in touch with my welsh blood, getting trashed on the trains the whole way there, which was SOO entertaining. Once we transferred onto the train from Swansea to Haverford (the portion of the trainride completely in Wales – crazy crazy people) we were completely pissed at this point and singing and dancing around with the locals, basically a party on a train. Arrived at preseli adventure club in Haverford west, and the next day went coasteering, basically cliff jumping, where we would swim out to sweet huge rocks, climb to the top of them, and then jump off.. seeing as i have background in rockclimbing, this was perfect for me. SUCH A RUSH! I don’t have a waterproof-camera but gonna try and get one for next time so i can get pictures.. also went kayaking which was wicked. gotta get me one of those. i skipped out on the coastal hike and caught up on sleep.. haha


me aside the lovely liz shovee.. this was a good song however so i was completely distracted :/

me with the beautiful birthday girls at mahikis.. great drinks! what a night..

me with the beautiful birthday girls at mahikis.. great drinks! what a night..

at fabric.. dancing til the am :)

at fabric.. dancing til the am šŸ™‚

headin off to KoKo for propaganda.. great night!

headin off to KoKo for propaganda.. great night!



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