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17 06 2009

clubbing song of the millenium..

***** ******** (owner of this blog)

anyone who knows me, or spends five minutes around me, figures this out..
Aesop Rock – def. in my top three favorite rappers, no question…
on Definitive Jux records for a while, an East Coast based label, they’ve got some amazing talent I’d recommend checkin em out..

Atmosphere (he’s on rhymesayer records so he’s still technically underground even though he is very famous.. Brother Ali is also under this label, they have quite a few good artists..)

“5 Left In the Clip” Weathermen & RJD2
Concerto In Ghetto Minor – Weathermen
CAGE (def jux)

Brother Ali (rhymesayer records):

My Favorite Mutiny – The Coup

Permission to Speak – Main Flow ft. 7L

F$#@ Soundcheck – Copywrite

Letter P – HBO Remix Saigon

Del The Funky Homosapien (aka Deltron, best known for rapping with the Gorrilaz on the track “Clint Eastwood” – food for thought: not many know this, he’s Ice Cube’s cousin)
Things You Can Do
Memory Loss
Little known fact, but true nonetheless, where I come from we can boast some pretty amazing underground rap artists from the P-town scene to Seattle, see North by Northwest.

Portland&Seattle and others section..
Sandpeople (from Portland, OR, represent..):

Beautiful Day – Living Proof
Blue Scholars:

Boom Bap Project

Back to the East Coast, with the metal face master from Brooklyn
MF DOOM aka Metal Face Doom aka Viktor Vaughn definitely in my top three rappers..

The Meaning – The High&Mighty
Chicken Soup – Genelec & Memphis Reigns
Big fan of California-Based Rappers
(alot of these rappers you’ve probably heard of, but some of their dopest cuts are their underground stuff..)
Cali Agents:

  • The Science
  • Fire&Ice
  • Baby Girl
  • Neva Forget

Players Club – Mac Dre & Too $hort
Players Holiday – Too $hort & Easy-E
Andre Nickatina

  • Jungle
  • Ayo
  • Conversation with a Devil
  • Train With No Love
  • SmOkE DoPe, N’ RaP
  • Killa Whale
  • Dice of Life
  • Caught In a Verse
  • Off Dat Chewey (acapella.. sick..)

Mac Mall
– My Opinion
– It’s All Good
Mac Dre

  • F%$# FRIENDS
  • I Need
  • Livin’ it ft. Andre Nickatina

Off “Da US Open”

  • Murda I Wrote – Mac Dre & Mac Mall
  • Da US Open – Mac Dre & Mac Mall

All The Way Back – Keak da Sneak
Never Falling Down/Nothing Less – Living Legends
Tech N9NE:

  • Caribou Lou
  • Riot Maker
  • Yada Yada Yada

Life is Too Short – Too $hort
Mobb Deep:

Stressball – NoNeedz

Starlight (ft. Viro the Virus) – Snowgoons
Big Pun
-I’m Not A Player I Just F%$# Alot
-Die for my Niggaz

  • Patriots
  • Get Retarded
  • What’s Going On
  • Rip Rock
  • Liberal Arts (ft. Jedi Mind Tricks)

Wings of the Morning – Capleton ft. Method Man
Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It – Ice Cube


  • 18 W/ A Bullet
  • Badman
  • Got Damned?
  • God’s Work
  • Better than the Best

Sex Type Thang – The Juggaknots *best song ever recorded*

-On My Block
Devin The Dude:

  • Everyday
  • To Tha Extreme
  • Broccoli&Cheese
  • I Hope I Don’t Get Sick of This

-Right Where You Stand
-The Militia
-Above the Clouds
Jurrassic 5
-What’s Golden
-Work It Out
Geto Boys
-Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta
-G Code
-Six Feet Deep
-Yes Yes Ya’ll
Kottonmouth Kings
A to G
Pete Rock:
Think Twice
Square One
Ain’t No Thang
Mind Over Matter
Wu-Tang Clan
A Tribe Called Quest
You should probably go ahead and devote an entire section of your music library to Immortal Technique right now…
Revolutionary Vol I:
No Mercy
Industrial Revolution
The Prophecy
Dance With The Devil
Revolutionary Vol II:
Peruvian Cocaine
Point of No Return
Leaving the Past
Third World:
Hollywood Driveby
BadBoys – Immortal over Diddy
Silly Puddy (ft. The Grouch) – Zion I
Jedi Mind Tricks
that’s not my whole library, by any means, but that should give you an idea of the kinda rap I listen to on the regular, and give you enough playlists so you can impress your friends with your knowledge of underground rappers..
Note: most of these artists and East Coast (def jux) and West coast (rhymesayers) but I don’t region discriminate…

“i’ll spare the messenger but i’ll kill the message” Sandpeople



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