14 06 2009

VoCaL REBELLION aka Rapzilla aka ***** ********


  • guitarist/vocalist/producer/student
  • 20 yrs. old
  • born year of the dragon – a scorpio
  • student at Claremont McKenna College, class of 2011
  • major(s) in Economics and Psychology
  • other interests include: journalism/management/marketing

I was raised in Portland Oregon, undoubtedly one of the greatest places in the world. I have played guitar for about 12 years, before that playing piano and other various instruments.
I was in a band in high school and have since found music to be one of the greatest passions and hobbies of my life – for me it serves so many purposes; a day without music is a wasted day.

MIDEA LANE under Hearts Toned Records

Liquid Love

Right Or Wrong

Never Judge

One Sun/

(Soul Creation)

Look it up on ITunes if your interested, its a flavorful mix of reggae, folk, hiphop, psychadelic, and funk. Sad story, the way we split up: our lead singer got a call from Jack Johnson’s agent saying he wanted us to come audition for him, and if he liked us live as much as he liked our record, he wanted us to open for Jack Johnson and G-Love on tour. Our lead singer (who goes to Berklee) declined however, see as he wanted to go to college first. Me, and other bandmates, felt that he should not have passed up on that once in a lifetime opportunity. To this day, I miss the chemistry we had, and the joy I got from making music with my friends. It was a great band.

As for my personal work, I play all the parts on my tracks and do all the production, except sometimes I feature friend poets or chop up spoken word poetry/speeches, which I do not claim to have written myself.

For reading this far, you get cookies:

No Time – Sound Providers

Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden

Home – Urban Soul Orchestra ft. Anna McDonald&Levani Vosasi

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel

Pearl Harbor Sucked and I Miss You

More later, keep reading ๐Ÿ˜‰

I snowboard, surf, rock climb, and pretty much am unafraid. I love life and especially living it too the fullest – pushing it to the limit then forcing myself to take that next step.. That is where I am happiest.
climbing collage
I listen to a lot of music and am BY NO MEANS a normal person.. I am eccentric as hell, I operate based on passion first, logic second, and I think way too much for my own good. But I know how to have a good time and I am always looking for other like-minded people. I relax and procrastinate all day, work on songs and beats, and am always seeking a cliff to jump off of or a mountain to climb. I love challenges. Enjoy my site!

for finishing:

Warrior’s Dance – The Prodigy

Slick Talkin’ – The Weathermen ft. Breeze Brewin

Break The Law – Three-Six Mafia

She Came Along – Sharam


Mt. Hood Meadows/Timberline Lodge - who says Oregon has no good boarding?

Mt. Hood Meadows/Timberline Lodge - who says Oregon has no good boarding?




it’s what i do
it’s who i am
and at all times i enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚
i am just me, take it or leave it

Con Te Partiro – Andrea Bocelli

Black Nostaljack – Camp Lo



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