a moment of realization

28 12 2008

As my dad looks…

out off that balcony into the fervent, violent sea, mother ocean imparts her wisdom; I could see for the first time, clearly and acutely, the wear, agony, and pain on his face: though his eyes gazed straight ahead, through his his head cycled thoughts, memories, joys and sorrows – he is here, but not, off somewhere else…

searching for lost bliss and times passed..

We, all of us, cling blindly to some distant past, some happy memory or belief that affirms the ultimate goodness of this life and world; that validates what we’ve done, the life we’ve lived, the path we’ve taken

…and then it fades.

And we are struck harshly with a grim reality.
We are stuck here. And now; there is no escaping it.

Back then, in that memory, life was so simple: everything was hope. We had the whole world in front of us, infinite possibilities, evermore experiences to have, objects to attain, adventures to undertake. Mysteries were the key – and they were to be solved; friends and companions were to be loved; journeys were to be taken and completed, emotionally, spiritually, and physically; life was as fresh as a spring flower.

Then somewhere along the line – perhaps just there, under that firey, celestial cover, that bergundy sky – reality had set in heavily and brought with it the toll of wisdom, and the fury of a thousand suns:

He’s done it all, attained it all, lived it all, and felt it all. Life again, in its cycle, becomes stagnant and used… uninspired.

His eyes close and he sighs.

and beautifully, powerfully, the sun sets, and is gone.

Just another memory.

another moment.

-Aaron Campbell



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